With the improvement of technology and the continuous progress of society, cross-border e-commerce is becoming more and more important in people’s daily life, and people can get the cheaper products internationally through online channels with only simple operations, and now cross-border e-commerce has been paid attention to and loved by international people.

In addition, it has also brought convenience to most retailers, individual wholesalers and consumers, who do not need to use the traditional mode of foreign trade channels to purchase goods, but can directly use the platform of cross-border e-commerce to obtain their favorite items, thus reducing the tedious way of transaction and increasing the profit of enterprises.

  1 The connotation and characteristics of cross-border e-commerce

  The introduction of cross-border e-commerce has not only brought convenience to consumers, but also enriched their lives. Compared with the traditional trade methods in the past, the advantages of cross-border e-commerce are mainly reflected in the following three points.

Cross-border e-commerce fully reflects the characteristics of the information age. Cross-border e-commerce can use paperless transactions, i.e., only the completion of filling in electronic information is required in the process of transactions, which brings great convenience to the majority of consumers.
Cross-border e-commerce fully embodies the characteristics of the era of globalization. When conducting electronic transactions, the scope of transactions is unlimited, and consumers can conduct international transactions and purchase their favorite international goods, and this international trading environment fully demonstrates a global character.
Cross-border e-commerce fully embodies the characteristics of formless transactions. In the background of the modern era, the cross-border e-commerce transaction mode breaks the traditional transaction mode, that is, in the specific e-commerce transaction process, the country only needs to buy and use the right to read and use to enjoy the equivalent treatment, and this transaction mode without physical objects has been accepted and recognized.

  2 The current development of cross-border e-commerce in China

  Nowadays, the cross-border e-commerce trading platform has received more and more people’s attention, and people enjoy the convenience brought by cross-border e-commerce to themselves, and cross-border e-commerce has been progressing and developing in the recognition of people.

In the article “China E-commerce Market Data Monitoring Report” released, we find that the quality of China’s cross-border e-commerce transactions has become higher and higher in recent years, and the scale of international import and export goods transactions has become larger and larger. For this reason, the country is also constantly improving the relevant mechanisms of cross-border e-commerce, promulgating and implementing the relevant policies of cross-border e-commerce, so that cross-border e-commerce drives the synergistic development of various enterprises as far as possible, and makes the overall economic level of China Steadily forward.

  Among the cross-border e-commerce in China, the most famous ones are Made in China and Alibaba. Alibaba and Made in China bring trading platforms for the majority of consumers, provide information services and transaction services for the majority of consumers, and build a bridge for the majority of consumers to buy. Although Made in China and Alibaba have brought great convenience to people, there are still some drawbacks in the trading process.

For example, most companies cannot realize transactions on electronic platforms after constant consultation and taking offline transactions and exchanges; these early platforms cannot provide consumers with professional and reliable information; and the services of various industries are not enough in terms of capital flow and payment for goods.

  3 Research on the impact of cross-border e-commerce on international trade

  3.1 Improved the traditional market transaction model

  With the deepening trend of economic globalization and the introduction of cross-border e-commerce, the transaction mode of the international market has changed, and the transaction mode has become more and more modern and diversified. Coupled with the establishment of the global village, which makes the competition among various enterprises more and more fierce, the market transaction process will also face more competitors. In order to gain the recognition of consumers, enterprises must constantly improve their own mechanisms, improve their products and create high-quality products that satisfy consumers.

Enterprises on cross-border e-commerce platforms are constantly researching the appropriate network marketing model and drilling a marketing model that can be recognized by consumers. In order to improve the sales volume of enterprises, accelerate their modern sales and enhance their transaction efficiency, it is necessary to improve the market transaction model.

Internet marketing is a trading model that is both easy and efficient, which on the one hand enables the establishment of strong business relationships between companies and consumers; on the other hand, it also enables the efficient development of companies, while companies have to constantly get feedback from consumers and make improvements accordingly.

  3.2 Innovation in trading methods

  Some small-scale and talent-starved SMEs often face various difficulties in traditional international trade, and the traditional trading model only makes SMEs suffer, but cannot help them develop and progress rapidly.

But the introduction of cross-border e-commerce will increase the scale of trade of SMEs and help SMEs to take a place in international trade. Cross-border e-commerce is very beneficial to every enterprise, and cross-border e-commerce will prompt all enterprises to share a trading platform, and each enterprise will appreciate each other and find suitable sources of goods and opportunities for enterprises, which will eventually realize the common progress among enterprises and the overall enterprise Efficiency will gradually rise.

Cross-border e-commerce is a trading platform in the new era, cross-border e-commerce in the use of advanced network technology, can efficiently obtain accurate information, send a full range of information-based services, cumbersome transaction mode has been simplified, but also make most small and medium-sized enterprises can join the ranks of international trade, cross-border e-commerce is to change the traditional trading model, innovation and perfect the international trading methods.

  In order to realize the diversified needs of each enterprise, to achieve efficient services for enterprises, and to improve the quality of their products, it is necessary to use cross-border e-commerce trading platforms to obtain the items they want in international trade.

Cross-border e-commerce platform is essentially a network exchange platform, a large number of virtual enterprises joined, a large number of enterprises on the network to form a perfect system, in which enterprises can communicate with each other and find their own satisfactory goods quickly and easily.

Cross-border e-commerce enables the use of resource information in international enterprises, and also avoids the waste of enterprise resources, bringing benefits to international enterprises. The innovation for the traditional trading model is the creation of cross-border e-commerce platform, in which information is shared with each other and resources are obtained, which not only makes efficient use of the products of enterprises, but also promotes the progress and development of enterprises, and the cross-border e-commerce platform has made a non-negligible contribution to the world international trade.

  4 The situation of cross-border e-commerce development in China

  4.1 Establishing sound laws and regulations and creating a good development environment

  In order to create a good development environment for cross-border e-commerce, to promote the progress and development of cross-border e-commerce, and to meet the needs of the times, China must constantly establish and improve laws and regulations, specifically from the following three points.

First, to create a good internal environment, to create good opportunities for innovation in the international market trade model. Reduce the impact of traditional international trade methods to consumers, so that consumers more accept and love cross-border e-commerce trade platform.
Second, to create and improve each regulatory system, so that the cross-border e-commerce platform in a favorable direction, when conducting international trade, to ensure the safety of the transaction environment, to protect the security of each consumer’s information and product quality.
Third, we should pursue continuous innovation, innovate management system and improve laws and regulations to inspire each enterprise to achieve innovation, and then promote the innovative development of cross-border e-commerce.

  4.2 Strengthen the training of comprehensive talents and promote the transformation and development of international trade model

  The stronger the youth is, the stronger the country is, and the more innovative talents a country has, the stronger the country will be. In order to cultivate comprehensive talents, promote the transformation and development of international trade model, in order to increase the innovation of cross-border e-commerce, it is necessary to have the help of innovative talents, so that cultivating comprehensive talents is the most urgent problem of the country at present. The specific solutions are the following three points.

Strengthen the cultivation of talents in colleges and universities. When cultivating talents, colleges and universities should adapt to the trend of the development of the times and educate in an innovative and comprehensive manner.
Enterprises should strengthen the reception of comprehensive talents. In order to strengthen the excellent talent team of enterprises, it is necessary to strengthen the management education of enterprise employees.
Sound enterprise training mechanism, enterprises should strengthen the professional knowledge training and basic skills training for employees, so that enterprise employees can be competent for any job.

  5 Conclusion

  In order to follow the trend of the times, to meet the needs of the globalization of the economy and to strengthen the trade efficiency of enterprises, it is necessary to change the traditional international trade model in the past and introduce a cross-border e-commerce trade platform, with the help of which consumers can obtain their favorite products more easily and quickly, and enterprises can achieve synergistic development among themselves.