It can be removable or fixed, and if you want maximum comfort, you definitely want it to be cushioned. There are a few different things that should be considered when looking at the overall comfort of your footwear, one of which we will explore in this section, and that is the footbed. Regardless of your need for protection, know there are many good options out there. Knowing what you are looking at when reading the symbols will be very beneficial during your hunt for the best choice for yourself. This type of footwear has a sole that is electrically conductive.

The wide fit offers enough space and absolute freedom of movement for the toes. We even supply safety footwear up to size 52 for people with wide and large feet. And because things can get hot, sweat is also an important issue. All our footwear is equipped with a waterproof dryplexx® membrane that protects the shoes from water from the outside, and also makes them very breathable. This keeps the wearer’s feet pleasantly comfortable and absolutely dry.

Women’s Protective Shoes

Since it is available in different sizes, you can also use it for any outdoor activities or casual date. The manufacturer has used leather and breathable mesh for durability and long-lasting. Coverage is subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions, and conditions in the policy itself and in any endorsements. We are so excited about the results, we are providing a discount off every pair of SR Max slip resistant shoes you buy. This is just one way Protective shows we care about reducing injuries and keeping insurance costs low.

Logging boots—which are required by OSHA under standard 29 CFR 1910.266—made with cut-resistant material will protect those workers who use chainsaws. The main purpose of protector spray is to weatherproof shoes, and it can protect against pet stains, grease, wine and hot coffee. Although the spray is very protective, it doesn’t compromise thebreathability of the material, which keeps the shoes comfortable. Some materials are especially vulnerable to moisture, and suede is a great example. An excessive amount of moisture can ruin shoes that are made from leather, nubuck, textile or suede.

Working in cold conditions means dressing to keep warm, and your shoes are no exception to this. Insulated work boots are a must if you work outside or are exposed to other cold conditions. Feet not properly insulated against the cold are in danger of frostbite and other cold-related risks. If you work around explosives or other highly reactive or flammable substances, you will likely need electrically conductive shoes. Electrically conductive work footwear helps prevent the buildup of static electricity on the worker. Without this precaution, static buildup on your body could easily generate a spark that could cause a fire or explosion.

Puncture resistant components must reduce the possibility of injury caused by sharp objects that can penetrate the bottom of the footwear. The puncture resistant component must be an integral and permanent part of the footwear. A positive test result is achieved if the footwear’s bottom can be subjected to a 270 pound force without visual signs of penetration. The device must also show no sign of corrosion after being exposed to a five percent salt solution for 24 hours. The interior height clearances are the same for compression resistance (section 5.3), and the footwear is subjected to a 2,500 pound force.