Item Description
Essential Brand High Quality Manual Chain Block Lifting Hoist

Organization Information
After many years long stretches of endeavors, Foshan Tongyida Lifting Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd has become one of the expert ventures represent considerable authority in chain blocks, switch blocks items.
The production line is based on an area of 2000 square meters land in Foshan, China. “TD”brand items include: *chain block from 500kg-20ton, *lever block from 750kg-9ton. The manufacturing plant has passed ISO9001 quality administration framework and acquired SGS, CE and GS confirmations


VT TYPE Chain Block is a versatile lifting gadget effectively worked the hard way. It is appropriate for use in industrial facilities, mines, ranches, building locales, horticultural creation, and in wharfs, docks and stockpiles for fixing machines, lifting freights, and stacking and dumping merchandise.

It is particularly favorable for lifting work in the outdoors and where no power supply is accessible.

The chain square can be connected to a streetcar of any sort as a voyaging chain block. It is reasonable to monorail overhead passing on framework, handtravelling crane and jib crane.


Wellbeing, dependable in activity with least support;

High effiency and little hand pull;

Light weight and simple dealing with;

Fine appearance with little size;

Solidness in help.

Chain Block is appropriate for little gear and products of brief distance lifting, lifting weight is for the most part not more than 50T. The material of the hand gourd is top notch amalgam steel, solid wear opposition, high security execution.
The HSZ series chain block is a compact lifting gadget handily worked by hand chain, it is relevant for use in industrial facility, mines, ranches, building locales, wharves, docks and distribution centers for establishment of hardware, just as for stacking and dumping products. It is enjoy extraordinary benefit for lifting work in outdoors grounds and where no electric power supply is accessible.
The chain square can be connected to a streetcar of any sort as voyaging chain block. It is reasonable to monorail overhead passing on framework, hand voyaging crane and jib cranes.

Item Feature:

  1. Little size, light weight and simple to convey
  2. All steel development sway safe covers china chain block that give sturdiness and assurance.
  3. Remarkable twisting plan this component empowers the hand chain to effectively take care of directlyinto the wheel sprocket from numerous headings and points.
  4. Grade 80 burden chain-grade 80 dark oxide covered burden chain for sturdiness.
  5. Manufactured composite steel snares modern evaluated snares turn 360 degrees for simple rigging.Hooks gradually stretch to show an over-burden circumstance expanding place of work wellbeing.
  6. Fixed roller orientation extraordinarily further developing execution and serve life of the item.
  7. Confirmation load tried to 150% of limit with declaration.
  8. Consistent turn, light hand pulling power
  9. Twofold pawl
  10. With CE endorsed
  11. The overhead streetcar is discretionary

1:suspension and burden snares are made of antiading compound steel,high strength ,misshapening happens when the cse will be first occasion of over-burden without abrupt break.
2.all spart utilize excellent material make.and plan covering ,can great be anticorrosive
3.strong the steel cover and plate great to ensure inside spart structure
4.roller and outfit structure all have cover to great protect,can use in all over.
5.load wheel utilize great material and producten precision,good for use load chain exactness.
6.hook with wellbeing hook safely can roate uninhibitedly 360degrees .ergonomic handle configuration designing so the derrick is not difficult to work.
7:closed plan shields the inward parts from defilement
8.all pieces of the heap plate brakes come on by the excellent steel and against erosion.

DF chain lift make by standard: EN13157
Chain lift limit range from 0.5 ton to 50 ton.
Reduced estimated plan item reasonable for all application
Suspension and burden snares are made of combination steel,35CrMo treated hotness and fitted with substantial wellbeing hooks, fitting furrow and review focuses.
Machined chain sprocket and pinion wheels give smoother, more productive activity.
Snare with wellbeing lock safely can pivot uninhibitedly 360 degrees.
Ergonomic handle plan so the crane is not difficult to activity.
Lift has over-burden security framework.
Gears are comprised of 20CrMnTi material, which guarantees durability and better strength.
Fitted with high strength grade 80 composite steel load chain with excited completion for erosion opposition (conform to EN818, security factor 4) *Load chain set apart with T8 marks according to EN 818-7.
Substantial aide rollers for staying away from slippage of burden chain.
Tough development including steel gear case and hand wheel cover for hand chain activity.
All lifts tried at 1.5 occasions of WLL