Dad little wire rope electric crane we produce can be utilized in factories,mines,agriculture,electric power,construction building site,dock and distribution center for establishment of the machine, lifting cargoes, stacking and emptying the trucks.

  1. Highlights:

Dad little wire rope electric crane we produce is little and portions of electric lift have high strength, enormous diligence. The presence of PA small scale electric lift is lovely and the size of PA smaller than expected electric crane is minimized with light weight.

Dad small scale wire rope electric lift can be utilized securely and it is tough.

Key Specifications/Special Features:
little winch remote controller electric derrick 100kg 200kg lightweight fixed or electric streetcar

Smaller than expected electric crane is additionally called common electric derrick, a sort of lifting apparatus for lifting lift . Straightforward construction, simple to introduce, little and perfect, and single-stage electric power is utilized as the power source.
It is appropriate for different events, and can raise the products beneath 1000kg, which is particularly reasonable for lifting weighty merchandise from the lower floors to high floors of tall structures.
It takes on 220V/230V common power supply, particularly reasonable for day by day use, modern creation line, cargo strategies, etc.

Arrangement is as per the following:
Family little electric derrick and Industrial scaled down electric lift
Wire rope little electric derrick
Suspension type and Traveling type with streetcar.

Plan aptitude, simple to utilize.
At the point when the cutoff confound contacts the limiter, raise naturally stops the activity.
In the event that the wire rope is brought up in opposite, the lift engine will quit working naturally.
The upper snare plan of lift is separated into dynamic stacking and static stacking.
Family 220V/230V power supply activity.
The electrical cable is embedded and simple to utilize.
Raise snare can turn 360 °.

The scaled down electric lift is additionally called PA electric derrick, miniature electric crane or electric winch. It is generally utilized in common life. Stacking limit is from 100kg to 1200kg. Lifting tallness up to 30m. You can mount it effectively and interface the capacity to a solitary stage and afterward it will work. The scaled down electric lift can be utilized in a stockroom, studio, cafés and mall, and so forth

We should see the accompanying smaller than usual electric crane creation process:

  1. Engine creation
    We produce the copper curl ourselves to ensure the quality, in light of the fact that the engine is the main part in the little electric lift. Each engine will tried before gather.

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  1. Machining
    We have a CNC place for punching, projecting, boring, cutting, crushing. and so on

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  1. Collecting and pressing
    We gather the smaller than usual electric edge, engine with cog wheels and shaft, wire rope drum, handle and link on the creation line. The bundle will be done after the collecting.
  2. The PA smaller than expected electric mini electric hoist 100kg crane is a lifting hardware, is utilized in plant, stockroom, mine and utilized in I-bar. 2. The electric derrick have single snare or twofold snare. 3. The wire rope electric derrick limit from 100kg to 1000kg. 4. The Mini electric derrick have in comliance with the public norm, the weight is light. 5. The derrick lifting stature single snare is 12m twofold snare is 6m.

It is with crisis stop switch and Upper cutoff, more protected.

We are a production with long history, these are the pieces of the electric derricks.

Our items are generally utilized in many spots, for example, the Terra-Cotta Warriors.

  1. little electric winch 220v electrical lift crane 500kg Introduction
    It has crisis stop switch and constrained open cutoff switch. The security class is IP54, and has warm assurance gadget.
  2. little electric winch 220v electrical lift crane 500kg Main particulars

1)The crisis stop switch

2)Upper breaking point work

3)Thermal insurance terminal

4)Protection class IP54

5)Insulation class B

6)Group of instruments M1

7)Work Duty: S3-25%-10min

8)Rated Volt: 220/230V ~ 50Hz

9)Rated Current: 2.0A

10)Input Power: 550W

11)Lifting Weight: 100kg (Single-line), 200kg (Double-line)

12) Lifting Height: 12m (Single-line), 6m (Double-line)

13)Lifting Speed: 10m/min (Single-line), 5 m/min (Double-line)

14)Diameter of wire rope: 3.0mm

15)Tensile strength of wire rope ≥ 1870N/mm2