For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours. It also may be spread on agricultural land in order to make use of its value as a soil conditioner and fertilizer. Since sludge may contain toxic industrial chemicals, it is not spread on land where crops are grown for human consumption. Dewatering systems usually dewater sludge to % water and it is still very heavy. This means transferring that weight in sludge and water to the landfill. These units will dewater 40-10% water, thereby delivering a useful bio-solid as a green by-product.

Drying can stabilize the sludge, thus reducing the putrid smell and improving the disinfection effect.

Sludge drying is the process of transforming sludge into useful products or green fuel. Thermal drying is used to achieve up to 80% volume reduction and up to 90% weight reduction. Hollow paddle dryer is a continuous indirect heating device for drying the sludge.

While continuously being restacked by the turner, the sludge on the floor is slowly transported to the other end of the hall. On its way through the hall, the sludge is being dried by solar radiation. The dried material has a solids content of at least 65% and can be discharged into a container by means of a ROTAMAT® Screw Conveyor.

The paddle dryer is compact in structure and mainly consists of a sandwich casing, a central shaft with staggered blades, inlet and outlet joints, drive mechanisms, control boxes, and other components. Whatever the type of storage, the temperature of the sludge entering storage must always be lower than 40°C, even 35°C for sludge identified as being “at risk” in order to limit risks related to sludge self-heating problems. Drying processes will not always produce a sufficiently granulated end-product. This lack of self-granulating performance is linked to the process itself but also and above all to the nature of the sludge processed.

Small Continuous Heat Pump Sludge Drying System

Also the automation degree of sewage sludge feeding and removal is variable. Our professional sales staff will assist you in choosing or selling the right high quality used sludge dryers, while also helping you with any other equipment related needs. Regarding the Vacuum Harrow Sludge Dryerdeveloped by VAPORUN, 2-4 pcs of knocking rods can be installed inside the shell body so as to facilitate the rapid drying and crushing of materials. The knocking rods are hollow stainless steel tubes with thick wall. Their length is same as the length of the shell body, and they are in free motion inside the shell. With knocking rods continuously knocking materials inside the shell, the materials will get crushed constantly , and speed up the drying process.