A variety of each decorative and practical pipe welding methods are utilized in welded steel pipe in addition to chrome steel pipe As an illustration, welded metal pipe is utilized in such circumstances as automotive exhaust systems, wheel covers and windscreen wiper arms. And inert ambiance, based on argon gas or different gases preventing oxygen from the air from coming into to be able to prevent the nitridation of the material and to realize a clean weld, free of impurities and pores, the welding being carried out with particular tools provided with a head finishing up an orbital rotation and requiring excellent alignment and centering between the items to be joined, wherein an extension (21) is first carried out on the ends of the pieces of pipe (2) and (three) to be joined, with an inner diameter equal to the outer diameter of the original pipe, the straight ends of the elbow (1) being launched inside stated extensions, an orbital welding then being carried out around the joint as soon as the facing items are coupled.

In addition, when coating or masking the surface of a spiral steel pipe for the aim of rust prevention, etc., so as to appropriate defects because of the presence of the outer surface bead, the outer surface arc welding surplus (that’s, the outer surface bead) A technique of slicing and eradicating with a software similar to a slicing instrument while the temperature is between 500 and one thousand ° C. can be disclosed (see Patent Doc 1). Furthermore, within the methodology of manufacturing of pipes (in particular, spiral steel pipe), which is manufactured by repeatedly winding a metal strip in a spiral form, gas is next to electrical resistance welding through which the perimeters of the metal strip to be welded are shut to each other in the identical line or in another line.

White embroidered causes of a passivation film thickness enough or uneven; B, the surface of the galvanized steel sheet does not have an oil coating or coiling the strip surface residual moisture; c, passivation isn’t utterly dried; transport or storage in damp or dry in the rain; e completed storage time is too lengthy; f, galvanized sheet and different acid and other corrosive media contact or stored together.

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