The kbk track constitutes

The kbk track constitutes the key equipment of the KBK crane and its main function is for the operation of the crane. Tracks consisting of suspensions, tracks, ballasts, vertical lines, and turns! If you find a danger of personal injury or a risk of damage to the equipment, immediately press the emergency stop button and then cut (cut open; cut off) the crane power. Emergency shutdown should also be carried out immediately if the crane fails as follows: damage to electrical equipment, cables and insulation materials; failure of brakes and safety devices.bridge crane for sale

The kbk track constitutes

After the crane is in emergency stop, if the following conditions are met, the equipment can be restarted: the cause of the fault has been eliminated, and the damaged machine has been replaced; the equipment will continue to work without causing other hazards.

Stop using the crane after work. The working strength of the cantilever crane is light. The crane consists of a column, a rotary arm rotary drive device and an electric hoist. The lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation by anchor bolts. The cycloidal pinion reduction device drives the cantilever rotation. The electric hoist is in the cantilever. The word steel runs on the left and right lines and lifts heavy objects. Move the crane unloading load to the specified position, lift the hook to the position and press the emergency stop button to cut off (cut open; cut off) the crane power.

KBK track maintenance stops using the crane. The suspension crane can be simply hung on the roof or superstructure of the building. The crane track does not require additional auxiliary support. It can be installed simply and reliably, at a lower cost, whether it is part or all of the workshop. The single-beam suspension crane consists of KBK standard components, enabling you to quickly and reliably achieve material handling in specific areas and precise positioning of various components.mining machine manufacturers

Large lifting capacity: 1000kg Large span: 6m. Remove all loads and additional loads, cut (cut open; cut off) the power supply and lock the power switch box with a padlock (locking beam) to prevent unauthorised power supply.

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