Steel Nails, You Should Know

Steel nails with wide ranges of uses and types have been applied to anywhere now. Actually, this is really common things we often see it during our life. Square nails, round nails, or common nails are simple classifications for steel nails. Let us keep to read and know about steel nails information more.

How to make steel nails?

Steel nails are made by feeding a thick and continuous steel wire into a machine in which the steel wire is clamped between two moulds and cut to the desired length.

Sufficient metal to form the head can be protruded from the die at one end, and then flattened into the head by the impact of a mechanical hammer.

Types of steel nails

Well, for types of steel nails, we could divide nails into many types such as common nail, finishing nail, box nail, roofing nails, round wire nail, oval wire nail and masonry nails, etc. Meanwhile, common nail and finishing nail are main types that we often see.

  • Common nail

It is not surprising, but it’s the most common type of nail used for all kinds of simple and complex tasks. Of course, they can also be used for business-related tasks, ranging in length from 1 to 6 inches.

  • Finishing nail

Finishing nails are used for various finishing jobs with small heads; therefore, they can be driven below the surface of the wood, making them obscure once the work is completed. They range in size from one inch to four inches.

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