Safety checks are required before the gantry crane starts

The gantry crane is a kind of lifting equipment supported on the ground by the legs on both sides. The top of the leg has a beam. The lower part can be used for the vehicle to walk freely. This type of crane is often used in docks, warehouses and other places. For safety reasons, a well-serviced gantry crane manufacturer recommends that the following checks be performed each time before using lifting equipment.

What safety checks are required before the gantry crane starts?

1. Check the ground handling device

The gantry crane has a special ground control device when it is used. The staff controls the sliding of the crane and the up and down of the hook in the operation room. Before starting the machine, the ground control device needs to be inspected to see the operations. Whether it is flexible and controllable, if it is found that the hook cannot be manipulated normally, it is necessary to find a technician to check and eliminate it as soon as hydraulic scissor lift manufacturer

2. Check the situation around the scene

In order to ensure that there will be no accidental accidents during the operation of the gantry crane, check the situation near the site before starting the machine to confirm that there is no pedestrian on the crane track before the equipment can be turned on. In addition, it is necessary to protect the site in case the unrelated personnel carry out the operation of the gantry crane.

3. Check the safety device of the equipment

Since the gantry crane is used for lifting heavy objects, the safety work should be done well in advance. If the various safety devices on the crane are abnormal, it will cause great safety hazards. Therefore, the gantry crane is used every time. Before, the staff must check whether the hooks and wire ropes are firm, and check whether the safety devices are complete and not damaged. If any abnormalities are found, they should be removed immediately.

Safeguarding safety is the primary task when gantry cranes operate. Therefore, a full range of gantry crane manufacturers sincerely hope that enterprises using gantry cranes should improve their safety awareness, and must do a good job before starting the equipment every time. The inspection of the orientation ensures that the safety devices and the ground controls are not the same, and there are no unrelated persons near the site.

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