Overview and features of light cantilever crane

The cantilever crane is a light-type station hoisting equipment born to adapt to modern production. It consists of a column, a swing arm slewing drive and an electric hoist. It has the characteristics of light weight, large span, large lifting capacity and economical durability. container crane manufacturer High mechanical efficiency, easy to install, use and maintain.

Overview of the work of the cantilever crane products:

1. The cantilever support structure is welded by a rectangular tube and a steel plate for supporting the cantilever. It adopts triangular support, which has superior mechanical properties, light weight and high safety level. Two rotating wheels are mounted under the bracket. The wheel tread is attached to the lumbar track. The structure is stable. One of them is the active wheel. The active wheel can be driven by the light worm gear reducer to realize the electric rotation of the cantilever crane.

2. The cantilever slewing device adopts the spherical roller bearing to realize the free rotation of the cantilever. Due to the adjustment performance of the spherical roller bearing itself, even if the concentricity of the waist ring and the column is slightly deviated, the cantilever crane can be safely and normally used.

3. The cantilever hanging column is made of Q235B seamless steel pipe. The bottom plate and the rotating shaft are welded at both ends, and the waist track is installed on the upper part. The bottom plate is fixed to the concrete floor by chemical bolts to ensure the stability of the suspension crane. A through hole is formed in the rotating shaft to allow the cable to be concealed from the inside of the column. A 360° current collector can be mounted on the rotating shaft to enable the cantilever to rotate n×360°. The lumbar track is used for the cantilever crane to rotate. There are a number of through holes in the track for mounting the rotation limit stop, which can achieve an angle limit of 0-360°.

4. The cantilever suspension cantilever is made of I-beam and H-shaped steel, which can be applied to the installation and operation of various chain hoists. A movable stop is installed at both ends to ensure that the hoist works within a specific stroke.

Overview and features of light cantilever crane

Light cantilever crane product features:

1. Rotation angle: maximum rotation angle 360 ​​degrees (infinite rotation);

2. The slewing mechanism is equipped with a cycloid reducer as standard;

3. The car is electrically conductive with a flat cable built-in block, which has good electrical conductivity and high reliability.

4. The flashlight control cable and the electric hoist conductive cable travel separately, and the field use adaptability is strong;

5. The electric hoist and the rotary reducer are controlled by wireless remote control;Intelligent Steel-Pipe Distribution Overhead Crane Manufacturers

6. It has the advantages of large lifting capacity, large working range, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc.

7. When the plant has the same space height, you can also choose the bottom clearance electric hoist; (contact customer service)

8. The lifting mechanism adopts electric chain hoist and two-speed control; (recommended configuration)

9. The frequency converter control of the standard operation of the trolley;

10. Rotary mode: manual / electric rotation.

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