Light and small crane reducer oil leakage

1.too much fuel: During the operation of the reducer, the oil pool is stirred a lot, the oil splashes everywhere in the machine, if the amount of fuel is too much.mining machinery for sale

2.A large pressure difference occurs inside and outside the reducer: during the rotation of the reducer, the friction of the motion is affected by the external environment temperature, so that the temperature of the reducer rises too high. If there is no venting place, etc., the crane machine The internal pressure gradually increases, the internal temperature of the machine will also increase, and the pressure difference between the small crane and the outside will be larger. The lubricating oil leaks from the gap under the pressure difference.

Light and small crane reducer oil leakage

3.the speed of the engine leakage is not reasonable.

1) Check that the hole cover is too thin, the tightening bolt is prone to deformation, and oil leakage from the contact gap;

2) During the manufacturing process of the reducer, the castings are not subjected to aging treatment or annealing, the internal stress is not eliminated, deformation is inevitable, and gaps are generated, resulting in leakage;

3) There is no design oil return tank on the tank, and the lubricating oil accumulates in the end cover, the shaft seal, the light and small crane minus the joint surface, etc., and leaks from the gap under the pressure difference;overhead crane supplier

4) The design of the shaft seal structure is unreasonable. In the early stage, the oil reducer and the felt ring type shaft seal structure were mostly used, and the felt was compressed and deformed during assembly, and the joint surface gap was sealed. If the journal is not ideally in contact with the seal, the seal will fail in a short period of time due to the poor compensation of the felt. Although there is an oil return hole in the oil groove, it is easy to block, and it is difficult to exert oil returning effect.

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