Kbk crane product features

The kbk crane is a series of products belonging to the category of suspended single beams. It does not use I-beams and usually uses C-shaped steel and hanging components. Its structure is simple. The lifting capacity of the KBK system crane is usually between 0.125t and 2t, and the application range is very wide, which is very suitable for the current production line.

Kbk crane product features

Kbk crane product features:

1.Stable and reliable performance: The components of the KBK crane system are all configured according to the standard, and can be kept in large quantities and high quality, so it is very reliable. The materials that make up the system modules are three types of cold-rolled profiles with high strength. Strong rigidity and light weight are the guarantee of stability.mining machinery for sale

2.adaptability to the environment: KBK system can be designed and installed according to different needs of different environments, from single point to multi-point, multi-beat automatic transmission line, all can be composed at will.

3.the installation process is simple: the installation of the KBK system is very simple, only need to be bolted between the components can be used, can improve the utilization of the space plant, effectively reducing the need for manpower, thereby improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption, Bringing profits to the company. The system can be operated manually or automatically and semi-automatically.

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